I know this story is old, but I just saw the fox news interview with Daxx Dalton- the 11 year old whose dad made him wear a crappy, home-made, anti-obama shirt to school and I thought it deserved a quick post.

I can just imagine the enlightened conversation that fills the Dalton household:

Dad: Hey son, why don’t you wear this old white t-shirt covered with right-wing propaganda to school?

Son: Sure dad, as long as I can wear my skull shirt when we get interviewed on fox news.

Dad: Absolutely! Maybe I’ll drop by the walmart and pick up a new camo hunting shirt for the interview too. I was going to get my haircut, but fuck it. I lost my comb months ago so why bother.

Son: Only commie liberals comb their hair, dad. And fags.

Dad: And them god damn metro sexuals! They make me SO MAD! Anyway- have a good day at school. And don’t crash your four-wheeler on the way home again.

Best line of the interview, from the father: “I’m a conservative. I don’t react emotionally.”