Those Republicans cheering this might want to think twice about what just happened. Your Presidential candidate – who supported the plan and said he’d vote for it – just finished the dramatic move of “suspending” his campaign to come to Washington to make it appear as if he brokered a deal.

There is no deal. McCain can’t even lead his own party. This will be viewed as utter failure.

Secondly, while some are noting anecdotal evidence of 10-1 calls into congressional offices against this bill, the American people as a whole either did not know what to think or narrowly supported it. This is a big change from Friday to Sunday. Why? People were with their families and the reality of the situation began to freak them out a bit. Expect this support to only grow as today’s stock market losses will only cause more freakouts and calls for stability and the government to step in.

Serious miscalculation to applaud this in the wingnut blogosphere.

If you think I was off base in my earlier commentary as to why the Republicans felt they had to make the sacrificial move of voting this down, just listen to Issa:

Representative Darrell Issa, a Republican, said he was ?resolute? in his opposition to the measure because it would betray party principles and amount to ?a coffin on top of Ronald Reagan?s coffin.?

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