The Jewish New Year starts today. Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates.

And since I registered as a retired Jewish woman from Florida at, I just got an email from Senator McCain and Sarah Palin wishing me a Happy and Sweet New Year.

This isn’t exactly the kind of email I was hoping to get. I figured it would be more harsh e.g. ‘Barack Obama kills Jewish babies’ or ‘B. Hussein Obama loves Iran’. That kind of trash.

But no. This email relies on the only pro-Jew credential McCain has: Joe Lieberman.

It really makes me wonder: is there anything Joe Lieberman won’t do for John McCain? And what the hell is he getting in return?

Joe seems willing to sell out his party for John McCain. Sell out his religion. Hell, he’ll even sell out all of his principles- supporting a candidate who disagrees with him on every issue except one: the war in Iraq.

And even with that- John doesn’t seem to reciprocate. John McCain didn’t even care enough to learn the facts about the players in the middle east before he went on his trip with Lieberman (the trip the photo is from). Lieberman had to constantly correct McCain on the basic facts of who was doing what is the middle east- especially the stuff related to the war. As usual, Joe gives and John takes without even saying thanks.

This has gone way past friendship now. Friends don’t ask their friends to sell out everything they believe in as the price of friendship.

I just hope Joe doesn’t try to be friends with Sarah Palin since she, most certainly, would try to convert him.