Must-watch video of Eric discussing politics and blogging on this week’s “The State of Ohio”

For many political junkies, blogs are supplementing or even replacing talk radio and the op/ed page as the source for information backing up one?s political perspective. Here to talk about the impact and influence of bloggers in Ohio are Eric Vessels from, a progressive blog, and Daniel Jack Williamson from the more conservative

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  • LisaRenee

    Nice job!


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  • can someone please tell that woman to get a new hairdo? so 1983.

  • Shalom Eric,

    Great job.



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  • In your higher 30s! 🙂 I love it.

    You both did great. Thank you so much.

  • Nice!

  • Thanks all. It really was a lot of fun. I haven’t been on TV since I was in the Pegasus Parade in Louisville when I was like 9. Thought about being nervous, but then visited my friends at Progress Ohio and that settled me a bit. Not to mention I got there early and chatted up some reporters and on-air personalities. I just decided to relax and be myself. That worked out pretty good.

    I think I made my major points, though they did cut out the part about me talking about the Carnival. After DJW said what he did I made mention that Plunderbund were slackers in the Carnival, but there were other ways of finding good stuff out there like Lefty Blogs and BlogNetNews. My main point was that since the Carnival is voluntary you won’t always find the best stuff there as you would with comprehensive aggregators or RSS feeds. Not sure why they cut that out.

    I’d definitely recommend this to any blogger that is contacted. It was a good experience.

    PS – Guess who the “local blogger” was who said the ‘sphere is not strong enough to do that segment on?

  • Thanks for posting this. As for the editing, I noticed that the video posted here does not match what aired. Some segments of this video are juxtaposed. I watched the program as it was aired by WVIZ out of Cleveland, and the program flowed all the way through without the edits posted in this video clip. I can’t remember specifically if your remarks about Carnival or BNN-Ohio were included in the broadcast, but there is a chance that it wasn’t cut, since this vid-post and the broadcast aren’t 100% identical.

  • J-Dog

    Great job, Eric and Daniel Jack! Maybe WOSU will think about doing this more often — another form of “Meet the Bloggers” you might say. You fellows were much better to watch than Hannity and Colmes!

  • This video was pulled straight from my Tivo exactly as it aired on WOSU.

  • @10: Joe’s right. This matches precisely what I have on DVR. Unless WVIZ ran a different edit, but I doubt that. They just cut out my comments about the carnival.

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  • Eric, it was a pleasure to meet you. I had fun on the show. I did finally realize that some of the interview did end up getting cut after viewing the footage on The Ohio Channel’s website. However, there is a bit of a mixup on your TIVO recording, so the footage isn’t identical. Watch your video from the 10:49 mark to the 10:51 mark, as well as from the 14:36 mark to the 14:38 mark. I think you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  • Hey guys!
    Low and behold I didn’t get a chance to see the show on TV and since my audio doesn’t seem to work on my computer, I had to wait until I either learned to read lips, or use someone else’s computer to view the segment right here.

    I was quite impressed with the delivery and responsiveness of both Eric’s and Daniel’s remarks and tip my hat to the both of you. Jobs very well done.

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