So I’m sitting here watching CNN talk about the economy going to shit and the Republicans refusing to show up to help solve the problem. Depressing as all hell.

Then I glance up and see the words “RAY DAVIES” rolling by on the crawl.

If you don’t know Ray Davies, look him up. He’s the musical genius who brought the world The Kinks- and a whole lot more. You know his songs, even if you only know the covers by Van Halen, the Pretenders, etc.

Anyway- I grab the Tivo remote and rewind and discover that Davies is planning on getting the Kinks back together. Which, one can only hope, means new recordings and, more importantly, a tour.

I always kind of figured I’d never see the Kinks live. But now I might get my chance. Woo hoo!

So for the next few hours I am going to try to forget about politics and the economy and try to think happy thoughts. This should help…