So it’s “leftard” now. That’s the latest bit of goodness from those that would call us here at Plunderbund profane. Ain’t it cute? Leftard. All the cool wingnut kids are using it! Especially the Starfleet Commanders!

So what have we learned about Matt Hurley this morning?

1. Matt Hurley can use Scribd to post documents the Austria campaign funneled to him. If you think this dumbass researched all these documents then I got a bridge to sell you up in Alaska.

2. Matt Hurley can name call with the best of them. Matt, come on. Leftard? PlunderDUMB is much better. Do your homework.

3. Matt Hurley is a fucking liar. I just “happened across” the DDN article? I just found these documents really quick online after I read the article, which is the first time that I heard about this “illegal alien harboring”?! Serious, Matt? Come on. You are also lying (maybe unknowingly) about stating “Mr. Umuhoza is, in fact, an illegal alien.” I’m gonna give you a bit of wiggle room here because you’re obviously not too up on legal shit. It could be more uninformed than willfully lying. Cut you some slack here.

4. Matt Hurley, like his good buddy and namesake Matt Naugle, is a tool for the GOP and their campaigns.

5. Matt Hurley is no lawyer. The stay he posts and claims says Umuhoza is illegal actually proves the opposite. It says he’s legal while the courts sort it out. (Update: Matt’s document might not be the stay that says he’s here legally. There is one dated June 24, 2005 – which Matt doesn’t post of course. The research is incomplete because it is oppo being fed by an opponent.)

So this “harboring an illegal” claptrap is a vicious attack against a political opponent being perpetrated by the Steve Austria campaign. You are a pawn in this game, Matt. An absolute clueless fucking pawn. How does that make you feel?

At least if you’re going to smear someone, get your facts straight before you start posting people’s information online.

And yes, you sure as shit CAN get a PI for just “walking back from drinking beers with your buddies”. WTF do you think a PI is? I can’t hold too much against a kid who escaped absolute genocide insanity in Rwanda having a drinking problem. He’s obviously got issues. Matt decides to smear him and Sharen Neuhardt’s family for it. Good play, Matt! Good play!

Matt tries to use me as his excuse, claiming he “has to reveal information” because of my post? LOL. That’s some crazy reasoning right there. Own it Matt. You decided to push this out because you are being spoon fed by Steve Austria and Brad Mascho. You might be the puppet, but you still have to own it. Be careful, though. I get a feeling you know not much of what you do. I wouldn’t want them to get you in any trouble.

So homie publishes all this oppo shit, then holds back a mugshot and claims class? ROFL. What a tool. You’re on the wrong side of this one, Matt. Your wingnut border fence, shoot the illegals as they come through the fence mentality has clouded your otherwise Christian views.

I notice Matt doesn’t provide any documents to support this which was in the original DDN story:

In late August, a federal magistrate recommended to a federal judge that current immigration laws are unconstitutional as applied to Umuhoza. The government has until Oct. 15 to file objections.

I wonder why that is? Oh, yeah. Mascho didn’t feed them to him!

You remember the Constitution, right Matt?

I’d comment and defend myself at Matt’s place, but he’s still being a dipshit and I get this message: “Banned by webmaster. Your comments will not be added”. Free speech ho!

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