One of my favorite bloggers points out that another of my favorite bloggers is suing my least favorite blogger. The only better kicker is that another least favorite blogger (and lawyer) is representing said favorite blogger. In short, Scott Pullins is helping Tim Russo sue Matt Naugle.

It has to be true. I couldn’t even make that up!

Why? Because at some point you have to surrender to what is right. I think Scott has done that. Or he just loves lawsuits – which as Joe here will tell you – just might be the case. I have trouble defending Scott Pullins. His wife threatened my wife with a lawsuit and taking our home and made her cry. I’m not over it nor did I ever remember getting an official apology.

I have no trouble defending Tim Russo. Tim is a friend. I’ll have more on this when I get time to write it (and it’s long overdue). Modern Esquire gets it right here, though, and I’m glad to see him getting Tim’s back on this:

And the only bigger cop out is the utter silence that people on our side our justifying because Tim is an ass. Well, the First Amendment thrives in the presences of asses like Tim. Popular speech which keeps us comfortable and reassured needs no protection because it’s under no attack. It’s the speech of the ass that makes the First Amendment necessary because they challenge our assumptions, force us from our comfort zones, and generates vehment dissent.

I think I’ve not posted because I figured a great deal of it went without saying. It’s known Tim and I are buddies. He knows where we stand. I know he’d rather see it in a blog post though and I plan to do more on that front really soon.

I will wish Pullins luck, however, because I think he’s fighting something worth fighting this time. Maybe he’ll take Matt Naugle’s house.

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