Yesterday John McCain promised to “temporarily set politics aside” and announced he would be suspending his campaign.

It turns out no one told the campaign.

According to HuffPo, John McCain campaign offices around the country are still open and operating as they normally would.

That includes the offices here in Ohio…

In Ohio, Brenda Lewis of the Greene County Victory Office seemed surprised there was any doubt that the office would be open. “Suspension of the campaign?” she asked out loud, before saying that her colleagues would be phone banking, going door to door, and could use some front desk help as well as assistance getting signs together. Similar level of activities were taking place in the state’s Franklin County and Clark County offices.

In Ashland County, Ohio, a McCain worker named Ken confirmed, “We’re still campaigning for him.” He added, “I’m taking off in two hours. A Japanese couple will be watching the shop after, but they’re very anglocized.”