Matt Hurley gets punked by Roll Call along with Steve Austria and Brad Mascho. There is no harboring of illegal alien. But thanks for smearing the young man! Great work. Fucktards.

From Roll Call:

According to court records, Umohoza is currently in the country legally. He was granted a temporary stay on June 24, 2005, by a U.S. District Court judge in southern Ohio. And most recently, a magistrate judge, Sharon Ovington, recommended last month that he be allowed to stay in the country, calling Umohoza ?the type of person ? hardworking, intelligent, ambitious, law-abiding ? who would normally be expected to provide positive contributions to American society.?

Can you find this document and Scribd it for us Matt?

Thanks, buddy!

PS – Think before posting an entire oppo packet sent to you by a campaign. Do some research of your own as well. But mostly, THINK!