Matt Hurley gets punked by Roll Call along with Steve Austria and Brad Mascho. There is no harboring of illegal alien. But thanks for smearing the young man! Great work. Fucktards.

From Roll Call:

According to court records, Umohoza is currently in the country legally. He was granted a temporary stay on June 24, 2005, by a U.S. District Court judge in southern Ohio. And most recently, a magistrate judge, Sharon Ovington, recommended last month that he be allowed to stay in the country, calling Umohoza ?the type of person ? hardworking, intelligent, ambitious, law-abiding ? who would normally be expected to provide positive contributions to American society.?

Can you find this document and Scribd it for us Matt?

Thanks, buddy!

PS – Think before posting an entire oppo packet sent to you by a campaign. Do some research of your own as well. But mostly, THINK!

  • BOOHOO!!!


  • Modern Esquire

    In order to access federal court records online, like he has, he would have to have an account set up with PACER, the federal court system’s electronic filing system. He’d have to give a credit card to bill against it for the per copy charge and register.

    I can’t believe he’d have a reason to have a PACER account just for the off chance that he’d need to access federal court records. It’s kind of a hassle.

    So, this isn’t like accessing local court records on the Internet. It’s a much more involved process and reeks of already gathered oppo research.

  • matt davis

    But he was illegal here for some time while he lived with Sharen.

    Folks, she lied too by saying that they made sure he paid his taxes and bills.

    He still has a judgment against him from the State of Ohio for back taxes and 2 judgments for not paying loans. Plus all his of misdeeds with not showing up to court and breaking the law.

  • Modern Esquire

    Oh, and it would help if the documents he posted didn’t still have the facsimile stamp on them showing the entire package is page x of 14 and x of 20. Yeah, he did this on his own.

  • matt davis

    Doesn’t matter where it came from.


    Now if the judge decides to overturn the previous denials, then this person will be legally here. Just because an appeal is in process does not make him legal. His status is in limbo. He has been deemed illegal by previous decisions, therefore he is illegal, but his deportation is on hold pending the possibility of it being overturned.

    A person found guilty of a crime is not all of a sudden not guilty when an appeal is filed. That person’s guilty verdict is still applicable until a decision to overturn is made.

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