This is more like it.

From the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted Sept. 19th through 22nd:

Obama 52%
McCain 43%

Other interesting results…

* 83% feel things in the country “have gotten pretty seriously off on the wrong track”
* 50% said the economy is the most important issue in their choice for president
* 1% said their most important issue is “Morals/Family values”
* 53% trust Obama more to handle the economy

And Obama is finally ahead in all of these categories:

a. would do more to bring needed change to Washington (58/33)
b. better understands the economic problems people in this country are having (57/33)
c. is more honest and trustworthy (47/36)
d. is the stronger leader (47/46)

I’m glad to see Americans are finally getting it. And to think: all it took was the imminent collapse of our economy.

  • may be an outlier, but it is indicative of a trend, for sure.

  • The trend over the last few days has been steady. Even the Kos/R2K poll doesn’t go far as this one.

    It’s an outlier. Obama up somewhere around +1-4 and has been for about five days.

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