Illegal Aliens! Blacks! Criminals! Run! Hide!

Apparently the Steve Austria camp has been shopping what they thought was a great bit of oppo against Sharen Neuhardt around to papers. The DDN bit. Wingnut blogger Matt Hurley, of course, did too.

So that’s the story, right? The Republicans are going to try to scare the people of the 7th with stories of how some illegal alien is on the loose in their district and – GASP – he’s one of them there African types that commits the crimes! And it’s all Sharen Neuhardt’s fault!

These people are disgusting. Jeff has more at ODB. The bottom line is this kid escaped a hell none of us can possibly imagine, was graciously aided by the Neuhardt family, and is caught in a bureaucratic nightmare that threatens to send him back to a place where he would surely be killed. Sharen’s family is not going to let that happen and all of us – wingnut bloggers and GOP candidates included – should defend this as a UNIQUELY American thing to do.

Do the Republicans even remember what is inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty?

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

Steve Austria and Matt Hurley apparently don’t want America to be American. They don’t want a lifting of the lamp. They want to attack the tired and the poor. They’d rather score points using the tempest-tossed as cannon fodder in political campaigns than to take the time to live up to the very promise that birth in this country has afforded them. They’d rather soil the poetry of Emma Lazarus than live up to the ideals upon which we all stand.

It’s almost as if Matt Hurley and the rest of his disgusting excuses for humanity have never seen Hotel Rwanda. Asshats. I suppose it’s the Christian in them that allows them to attack a political opponent by using a genocide refugee they helped have a future. Wonder what Jesus would do. I know! Spread rumor and innuendo while ignoring unconstitutional immigration laws.

That they attack this kid to score political points is shameless and un-American. Hurley and friends should be ashamed. Look for Bizzy to pick up on this story along with Nixguy. Both of whom will somehow blame this kid for the entire genocide I’m sure.

Neuhardt’s campaign is not taking this lightly. Their statement:

?Steve Austria knows his campaign is desperate and he will do or say anything to get elected, including cowardly personal attacks. He?s stooped so low as to attack Sharen?s family for standing up and doing what?s right,? said Jessica Kershaw, Communications Director for the Neuhardt Campaign. ?Austria?s errand boys pushed this cowardly attack and in doing so are attempting to make a victim of the Rwandan tragedy a victim again.?

Austria and his Washington cronies unleashed an attack on Ishema Umuhoza, a political refugee who fled the Rwandan genocide at 11 years old. He lives in the United States legally as he waits for the federal courts to review his petition for political asylum.

?This smear attempt is telling of Steve Austria?s true character,? said Kershaw. ?It is the worst kind of political mudslinging and is reminiscent of the smears John McCain endured in 2000.?

How soon they forget:

A special kind of hell indeed.

Update: Lisa Renee weighs in at Glass City Jungle

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