Wow. Desperation has truly set in. The McCain campaign is calling off their pathetic campaign in order to go “work on the economy” (which is laughable), and also wants Obama to join him in a call for postponing the debate on Friday. But why cancel a FOREIGN POLICY debate? It’s his chance to change the subject. I say let him postpone it. We’ll have the economic one first then the foreign policy one later. Works for me. By that time the economy will have fully set in on the electorate and no amount of foreign policy fear and loathing will be enough to put McCain over the top.

Why doesn’t John McCain just quit now?

We’ll see what team Obama does with this. My guess would be to hint that McCain can’t walk and chew crisis at the same time. Not a very good trait for our next President. We’re in the shit here. We need calm, reasoned leadership and someone who doesn’t panic under fire.

I smell panic.

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  • Or- change the topic of this Friday’s debate.

    Let them both get up there talking about the Economy. Let’s hear what they think we can do to solve this problem.

    As Jesse points out, the candidates should be using the “national stage of a presidential debate and the bully pulpit of the campaign trail to push forward a solution.”

    That, of course, assumes they have solutions.

  • I think Anthony suggested that as well and it’s the right response. I hope team Obama goes for that one.

    That’s the play right there. Let’s debate the economy. Let’s talk about what every American is really worried about RIGHT NOW!

    He can’t walk away from that.

  • total utter panic.

  • The Reverend

    I agree with Eric’s sentiments….however…Republicans “create reality now”. What we are seeing this week, especially today, is Republicans creating reality. Doesn’t matter whether any of it is based on authentic empirical information.

    Americans are being led to believe that unless Paulson and Bush get their $700 billion by Monday….economic Armageddon will come on Tuesday.

    I’ve seen this movie several times in the last 8 years. I’m not buying another ticket.

  • Howard

    Both candidates are U.S. Senators.This financial crisis will be decided in the U.S. SENATE. Currently, the brilliant plan is that after this 7 hundred billion dollar bail out … Pelosi and Reed will be in charge of picking who will be in charge of ongoing oversight for continued spending. God help us! This is another example of how Senator John McCain puts country first. All Obama cares about is winning the election at any cost. Obama neglected his duties as U.S. Senator before running for President, and especially after he began running for President. This ‘bail out – quick fix” will negatively affect Americans for decades. Many of the bloggers who are criticizing McCain for this decision wouldn’t recognize responsibility, or integrity if it bit them on the ass. Keep America strong and safe … Elect McCain/Palin in November.

  • I agree with comment #1 and think that is what may end up happening here….

  • @5: Yes. That’s it. Country above politics! Fun fact: Of all Senators, John McCain has been the most absent. There have been 643 votes taken in the current Senate session: McCain has missed 412 of them.

  • Hey Howard- it sounds like you already made up your mind.

    But the rest of America needs to see these two men disuss the issues.

    In 3 months one of them will be President.

    Personally, I’d like it to be the guy who can handle multiple problems at the same time.

  • Tami

    Is it really that serious that the debate get postponed by 1 week? Aren’t both these guys still U.S.Senators? I for 1 would like them both to high-tail it back to Washington & put their money where their mouths are…If this is as serious as it looks, the debate is very small in the big picture. Why all this attention about the debate? There is no talk of canceling it so WTF? Eric, panic? Are you kidding? Are you new here? Maybe if some of the Dems had been paying attention to what was going on at Freddie & Fannie we might not have a panic now..maybe if Clinton hadn’t repealed the depression legislation in ’99, we wouldn’t be in a panic…McCain quit now? Yeah, they are in a dead heat and he should quit..u scared?

  • “Why all this attention about the debate? There is no talk of canceling it so WTF?”

    Turn on your TV, Tami. Or your radio. Or open a newspaper.

    McCain said he isn’t showing up for the debate and he wants to cancel the VP debate too.

    The McCain campaign is in a tailspin. He and Palin have assumed the crash position.

  • Tami

    I have my TV on…I think you are watching on a different planet…tailspin? Maybe I should wait a minute and one of you will start saying this economic situation was caused by McCain so he could “cancel” the debate. I think your problem might be the TV you are watching. The mainstream would love nothing more than to “create” a story that McCain wants to cancel when all along the word used has been “postpone”. Look in the dictionary, each word has a different meaning. Maybe you should try reading instead of watching TV. A new Pew Research survey found Obama leading McCain among registered voters, 46 percent to 44 percent….hmmm, not really a tailspin and doesn’t call for the “crash” position….While you were watching TV, or listening to the radio, or reading the newspaper, do you recall every seeing something about 3 debates? I guess the sky would fall if the debate on Friday didn’t take place. I am not surprised at all the liberal whining about this, however, if you aren’t too busy whining about whether 1 0f 3 debates will take place when it was scheduled, whine about this…Wall Street suffered massive losses last week, and credit markets froze following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings and the massive government bailout of insurer American International Group. Truth is, both parties share blame for Wall Street’s turmoil. Republican faith in deregulation and unfettered markets led it to ignore inevitable excesses. Democrats pushed for expanded homeownership, even if it meant loaning money to people who couldn’t pay it back. Both ignored loud warnings that they were acting irresponsibly. Let me ask you Joseph, why was your response to me only about the debate? Maybe you don’t care about the financial crisis? I think the answer is you would rather whine about an non-issue (the debate) than dig in and have both sides put out this economic fire. If you have to make your choice on a candidate based on a televised debate then you might want to re-think your strategy.

  • John McCain is not an expert on the economy. Hell, he admitted that himself.

    But I don’t think the American people expect him to be an economic expert. They just expect their president to be a good leader.

    And part of being a good leader is knowing when to get involved and, more often than not, when NOT to get involved.

    Having John McCain inject himself into the debate in Congress isn’t going to help improve the solution or help it move along any faster. As a matter of fact, it may very well end up slowing things down by injecting more politics into the discussion.

    John McCain’s decision to postpone the debate and suspend his campaign has absolutely nothing to do with solving the economic crisis and everything to do with trying to deflect attention away from his recent misstatements about the economy and the fact that Sarah Palin can’t answer basic questions.

    It’s purely political. 100%.

    40 days from an election EVERYTHING is political.

  • “40 days from an election EVERYTHING is political.”

    So, so true!

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