Wow. Desperation has truly set in. The McCain campaign is calling off their pathetic campaign in order to go “work on the economy” (which is laughable), and also wants Obama to join him in a call for postponing the debate on Friday. But why cancel a FOREIGN POLICY debate? It’s his chance to change the subject. I say let him postpone it. We’ll have the economic one first then the foreign policy one later. Works for me. By that time the economy will have fully set in on the electorate and no amount of foreign policy fear and loathing will be enough to put McCain over the top.

Why doesn’t John McCain just quit now?

We’ll see what team Obama does with this. My guess would be to hint that McCain can’t walk and chew crisis at the same time. Not a very good trait for our next President. We’re in the shit here. We need calm, reasoned leadership and someone who doesn’t panic under fire.

I smell panic.

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