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I Have No Title For This Blog Post

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I’m speechless, really:

So John McCain cancels Letterman in order to rush back to Washington to save the economy…but instead stops off to get makeup applied by his $5,000 American Idol makeup lady and sits for an interview with Couric. Um. Wow?

Not elitist OR duplicitous!

via Tim at BI and Ab

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I’m not sure how long Brad Mascho (Steve Austria’s campaign manager) has been in politics, but obviously not long enough to know much. The response from the Austria campaign to their dishonorable attack against a genocide refugee is just priceless. Grammatically and substantively. I’ll put the full release in the extended so you can laugh, but this one caught my eye:

It appears she is knowingly willing to ignore the law and court records.

Someone tell me how you unknowingly are willing to do something? English not Brad’s first language? I’m sure Brad would want immigrants (illegal or […]

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Details are coming out on the events of the day and it is crystal clear what is going on here. Barack Obama reached out to John McCain to try to work together to calm fears and settle the current economic crisis. John McCain and his Rovian pals tried to play this for political advantage.

It’s going to backfire.


Did you catch the details? Obama called McCain at 8:30am to work on a joint statement. McCain calls back at 2:30pm and agrees…then shortly after suspends his campaign, calls on he and Obama to go back to Washington, […]

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Wow. Desperation has truly set in. The McCain campaign is calling off their pathetic campaign in order to go “work on the economy” (which is laughable), and also wants Obama to join him in a call for postponing the debate on Friday. But why cancel a FOREIGN POLICY debate? It’s his chance to change the subject. I say let him postpone it. We’ll have the economic one first then the foreign policy one later. Works for me. By that time the economy will have fully set in on the electorate and no amount of foreign policy fear and loathing will […]

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Israelis on Obama

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Great video from Jill at WLST:

“Hussein. What does it mean?”

I’ll tell you what it means. “Good” or “Handsome”. His parents named him good, handsome. Shocking!

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Salon has a piece up today that should totally change the way people view letters to the editor in their local paper.

In short: the author reveals how she was recruited by the McCain campaign to be one of six ghostwriters. The writers were assigned the task of producing fake letters to the editor intended to be signed and submitted by other people.

According to Phil Tuchman (campaign staffer), the letters “will be sent to our campaign offices in battle states. Ohio. Pennsylvania. Virginia. New Hampshire. There we’ll place them in local newspapers.”

The process goes something like […]

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Illegal Aliens! Blacks! Criminals! Run! Hide!

Apparently the Steve Austria camp has been shopping what they thought was a great bit of oppo against Sharen Neuhardt around to papers. The DDN bit. Wingnut blogger Matt Hurley, of course, did too.

So that’s the story, right? The Republicans are going to try to scare the people of the 7th with stories of how some illegal alien is on the loose in their district and – GASP – he’s one of them there African types that commits the crimes! And it’s all Sharen Neuhardt’s fault!


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This election season has really brought out the best in some people.

Campbell Brown, for example, is quickly becoming one of my favorite members of CNN’s political team. Unlike Blitzer and the rest of the wimps over there, Brown takes on the McCain campaign, calling out their bullshit.

This little rant about the McCain campaign’s sexist treatment of Sarah Palin is the latest example…

“Tonight, I call on the McCain campaign to stop treating Sarah Palin like she is a delicate flower that will wilt at any moment. This woman is from Alaska, for crying out loud. She is […]

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This is more like it.

From the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted Sept. 19th through 22nd:

Obama 52%
McCain 43%

Other interesting results…

* 83% feel things in the country “have gotten pretty seriously off on the wrong track”
* 50% said the economy is the most important issue in their choice for president
* 1% said their most important issue is “Morals/Family values”
* 53% trust Obama more to handle the economy

And Obama is finally ahead in all of these categories:

a. would do more to bring needed change to […]

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