I got pretty angry when I read Peter Bronson’s latest hit piece against SOS Brunner in today’s Enquirer.

It really shouldn’t bother me. I know it’s just an opinion piece and I know Peter Bronson is a biased, wingnut asshat.

I’m not sure why this one bothered me more than the others. Maybe it’s because I know Jennifer Brunner is a smart, hard working, honest public servant who is really trying to bring public trust and respect back to the office after Ken Blackwell fucked shit up so badly.

Maybe it’s because Peter doen’t recognize any of this and he doesn’t even try to present more than just his one, ridiculously biased side of the situation. Shit, the first line of the piece pretty much lets you know where the rest of it is going:

“Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has a reputation as the most partisan state official in Ohio.”

And it just gets worse from there. The GOP and other conservative groups have “accused” her of random crap- and Bronson prints every single accusation: “storm trooper tactics”, “disenfranchisement of thousands of voters”, “bald partisanship”, etc.

Totally made up shit. No facts. No evidence. And absolutely no responses from Brunner or the Democrats.

Hell, if that’s all it takes to write an opinion piece then I should be a fucking expert. Let’s see…

Peter Bronson Refuses to Answer Critics About Kitten Rape

Peter Bronson has a reputation for being one of the most biased journalists in the state world. While most of his articles contain half-truths and questionable logic, he has also been accused of being a big fat liar and much, much worse.

Certain highly trafficked Yahoo Groups and at least one very reputable Ohio political blog have accused Peter Bronson of raping kittens and, on more than one occassion, using American flags as toilet paper. Peter has so far refused to address or disprove these accusations. Probably because they are true.

How’s that for Opinion?

I briefly thought about emailing Peter but decided it’s really not worth the bother.

Especially since readers at cincinatti.com have been doing such a wonderful job of attacking Mr. Bronson without my help. Almost 40 comments so far. None of them positive. As a matter of fact, most of them are downright nasty. Definitely worth reading.

There is one, however, that I thought was totally worth reprinting. It’s kind of a visual thing, so first you need to see the picture associated with the article:

And then the comment:

In the accompanying photo, is Brunner’s gesture referring to some aspect of Mr. Bronson?

Ha! Maybe that explains the kitten sex.

I’m glad I captured that comment because it appears to have been removed.