So… the McCain campaign prints a bunch of invalid absentee ballot forms for Ohio and the Secretary of State rejects the forms because, well, they are invalid.

The GOP gets pissed and wants to sue the Secretary of State for something that is their own damn fault. But where could they possibly find a lawyer who woul- oh, wait.

I forgot about Bill Todd.

Bill Todd is like the Johnny Knoxville of Ohio Politics.

You want someone to do the political equivalent of hammering a nail through their nutsack? Just call Bill Todd.

Need someone to run for Mayor against an unbeatable Democrat? Call Bill Todd.

Need someone to defend bogus non-profits or anti-womens? rights groups or for-profit charter schools? Call Bill Todd!

I wonder if Bill Todd will ever figure out that Ohio’s Republicans are just using him to do their dirty work. Bill Todd is just the funny guy on TV who hurts himself while the ORP laughs.