I love Maya Angelou. She moves me in very deep ways. Reading her work does it, but most especially listening to her. She has such a deep and honest grasp of the human situation. She always struck me as having a very Zen spirit to her – accepting that which is and seeing it clearly for what it is without ego clouding it.

We have a photo frame with a phrase of hers on it, “We are living art…”. In it is a photo of Holly and I on a beach in Virginia taken more than 12 years ago when I first introduced her to my mother. It’s my favorite photo of all time and is even more meaningful displayed in such a way with Maya’s words. It’s fitting that I find the following video to post as Holly and I just finished a weekend celebrating 12 years of marriage. We are, indeed, living art. My life would be like painting with water absent Holly. Her colors have added more to me that I can express with pixels. She’s my Maya Angelou, moving me in ways I never anticipated.

Maya introduces Michelle at a Women for Obama rally in Greensboro, North Carolina and does so in a way only she could. Something wonderful is indeed happening. I encourage everyone to be a part of it along with Maya, Holly, and me.

“We are living art, created to hang on, stand up, forbear, continue and encourage others.” – Maya Angelou

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