So taxpayers are about to pay $500 billion o $1 trillion dollars at the request of the Bush administration to bail out private enterprise. We now own (you and I) 80% of AIG after we gave them $85 billion. I do expect to begin seeing some kind of dividend check at some point. Right.

Can we stop talking about “free markets” yet?

This is one hell of a way to save John “Dishonorable” McCain – and the guy can’t even figure out which angle to take on this. LOL. Is he a regulator or a de-regulator? Is he a bailout supporter or not a bailout supporter? Will the REAL John McCain please stand up?

I say we privatize all these banking institutions and bailout middle America. Where do they file for their low interest loans to keep their families afloat? I’d say $500 billion to $1 trillion ought to do it. You know, just until they can get their feet underneath them.

Or maybe the chairman of the “FEC” (as distinct from the SEC, or Securities and Exchange Commission) should resign:


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