No, no, no… I said: JOHN MCCAIN IS OLD. And he can’t hear very well, either.

Tim has a post up about John McCain mishearing a series of interview questions and basically threatening to attack Spain, one of our NATO allies.

This kind of supports a theory I have which is: McCain can’t hear worth a shit. It seems pretty likely, actually, given his age.

My first clue came when I saw McCain looking down and turning his head during Palin’s speech in Dayton. He wasn’t looking at Palin’s ass, he was trying to hear her.

Again, it makes total sense that a guy in his 70s would have hearing problems- and it certainly isn’t anything that would prevent the guy from being president. He just needs a better hearing aid.

It’s certainly nothing I would attack McCain on- but I do understand why the campaign would want to hide it. It’s just one more medical problem for a sick, old guy who could die in office and leave the country in the hands of an inexperienced religious nutjob.

Of course, team McCain probably has a response all ready in case this story leaks:

John McCain’s hearing was damaged during his time as a POW. Shame on Barack Obama for leaking this story to the liberal bloggers. Why do they all hate America so much?

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