I knew there was a reason I’ve been suffering through all those useless, annoying, crap-filled McCain emails… I’ve been waiting for this one:

You can get started in your volunteer efforts for McCain-Palin 2008 by making phone calls through our online phone bank any time.

<an evil grin slowly forms on Joe’s face>

You too can help phone bank for John McCain. Click here to sign up.

It’s very simple. You just click the start button and the website displays a name and phone number.

Then you just read the script they provide, which goes something like this:

Hello, my name is < < YOUR NAME >> and I am a volunteer calling on behalf of the McCain/Palin campaign.

John McCain and Sarah Palin will bring real change to Washington. They are the only ones with a plan to (blah, blah, blah)

Then you just have them answer a few questions and…

If they are a McCain-Palin supporter, please request the person’s e-mail address and type it below. Also, please verify the person’s name and make any corrections below, as well as any other comments. (Use your best judgment.)

Use your best judgment, indeed.

They also recommend you “do not make any calls before 10AM Eastern Time or after 9 PM Eastern Time”, however it’s almost 11pm Eastern Time and the script still seems to be working fine. 🙂

  • Richard Nixon

    Let’s also add that it’s a federal offense to misrepresent yourself in a federal campaign.

  • Thanks Dick! Dick joins us from Cincinatti, maybe even one of our SOB friends. SOB. LOL.

  • jj

    Let’s see: volunteer. Check. Nobody’s paying me. On behalf of McCain/Palin. Check. They’re the ones who asked me to do it.

    Misrepresentation? Where? Now, if my script claimed that I was a courteous/committed/sober/otherwise effective-and-in-no-way-embarrassing volunteer calling on behalf of John McCain, you might have a case.

    If I claimed to be Raj, a paid campaign staffer in Bangalore, you might have a case against me.


  • joyous.

  • The way they have it set up you don’t even need to make any calls. You can just click the buttons and pretend like you did.

    There’s no law against volunteering for a campaign and doing a poor job- but that’s really not my point here.

    I wasn’t really suggesting anyone do it. I was merely pointing out that the McCain campaign really doesn’t get the whole internet, grassroots thing.

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