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Help Phone Bank for John McCain

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I knew there was a reason I’ve been suffering through all those useless, annoying, crap-filled McCain emails… I’ve been waiting for this one:

You can get started in your volunteer efforts for McCain-Palin 2008 by making phone calls through our online phone bank any time.

<an evil grin slowly forms on Joe’s face>

You too can help phone bank for John McCain. Click here to sign up.

It’s very simple. You just click the start button and the website displays a name and phone number.

Then you just read the script they provide, which goes something like this:

Hello, […]

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Missed in a lot of the McCain/Scheunmann/Zapatero gaffe uproar is this little gem that Andrew Sullivan catches.


Asked to explain McCain’s apparent shift in tone and position since April, Scheunemann gave almost no ground.

“In this week’s interview, Senator McCain did not rule in or rule out a White House meeting with President Zapatero, a NATO ally,” he said in an e-mail. “If elected, he will meet with a wide range of allies in a wide variety of venues but is not going to spell out scheduling and meeting location specifics in advance. He also is not […]

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Cartoon: Let Him Go Back

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(ht Chris at Ab)

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Damn, I’m good. Obama’s Gallup lead is now statistically significant and I expect the 4 points to hold and possibly even widen in the next week as the economy continues to dominate and Obama and Biden continue to go on the offensive. He could be all the way back to his 8 point post-DNC bump level before long.

It’s The Stupid Economy, You Idiots!

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I wondered out loud during all the economic calamity this week whether or not privatizing Social Security had died. I believe it has. The Obama camp was quick to jump on this idea as well with a new ad:

Hammer it home all the way to November 4.

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GM Workers: “Obama, ’08!”

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My dad just retired from GM and is a big Obama supporter. He’d love this:

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… and smacks the ball so hard he split the stitches.

The same political faction which today is prancing around in full-throated fits of melodramatic hysteria and Victim mode (their absolute favorite state of being) over the sanctity of Sarah Palin’s privacy are the same ones who scoffed with indifference as it was revealed during the Bush era that the FBI systematically abused its Patriot Act powers to gather and store private information on thousands of innocent Americans; that Homeland Security officials illegally infiltrated and monitored peaceful, law-abiding left-wing groups devoted to peace activism, civil liberties and other political […]

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What? Don’s Brain Is Cold??

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No, no, no… I said: JOHN MCCAIN IS OLD. And he can’t hear very well, either.

Tim has a post up about John McCain mishearing a series of interview questions and basically threatening to attack Spain, one of our NATO allies.

This kind of supports a theory I have which is: McCain can’t hear worth a shit. It seems pretty likely, actually, given his age.

My first clue came when I saw McCain looking down and turning his head during Palin’s speech in Dayton. He wasn’t looking at Palin’s ass, he was trying to hear her.

Again, it […]

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