This from yet another anonymous racist coward troll fuckwit pissed because I won’t allow them to link to their Obama smear website in comments here at PB:

On Sep 17, 2008, at 6:38 PM, wrote:

I guess you want to change the first Amendment. Why is it when the truth is told about a candidate you try to remove a resource to decide who to vote for. I can no longer believe the advertising’s on television especially the ones coming out of Obama’s mouth or is he Barry Soetoro aka Barry Dunham. I guess you want to be socialist/ communist country. Go to those countries if you don’t like it here in America. Freedom of speech gives me the right to complain about your deliberate attempt of having Obama supporters claiming is racist, misleading, and false to take it down. We need more web sites just like this one to inform people who the candidates really are. I haven’t heard Obama apologize for his sexist comment about Palin or his comment comparing the elderly to old fish. Your are what’s wrong with America. Telling people what they should think or do, people do have brains and should use them more instead of listening to people like you. You are a ignorant person who does not want Americans to be Educated on the Politicians that they will be voting for in November. I will not be censored just because I choose to be educated on Politics. If you haven’t figured it out but I will not be voting for Obama or whatever the fuck his name is. I hope he gets disbarred for perjury when he stated he had never gone by any other name. What a fucking Liar he is.

Sincerely An American that loves the first amendment.

Easy enough to respond. Two words. You guess.

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