News came out today that someone hacked into Sarah Palin’s Yahoo mail acount.

Yes, this is the same personal email account that Palin was supposedly using for official government business.. The same email address to which she forwarded many of the emails that she is now refusing to release to the troopergate investigation- emails she is claiming she can’t release because of executive privledge.

The McCain campaign is freaking out and calling for a full investigation

Here’s the first thing they need to investigate: why the fuck was the Governor using a free webmail service to conduct official business for the State of Alaska?

If she can’t even follow basic data security policies established by her State, can we really trust her not to send important national security information using her hotmail account?

Can we know for sure that she isn’t sending her husband the launch codes via google talk?

Can we REALLY have faith that she won’t accidentally send a list of CIA opperatives to her facebook friends?

The worst thing McCain could do is accidentally leave the master in the ditto machine. But Palin has proven that she can not be trusted.