Before you watch the video of “Lady” (Yes, her husband is a knight) de Rothschild calling Barack Obama “Elite and out of touch”, contemplate this:

In France, the Rothschild name “is still considered a synonym for extreme wealth.” In addition, the Rothschild name is also used to describe “a suffocatingly glamorous style of living whose decorative elements include neo-Renaissance palaces, extravagant use of velvet and gilding, a sense of Victorian horror vacui, and masterworks of art.”

But hey- Barack Obama, raised by his single mother and grandparents, is an elitist.

  • redhorse

    So much self-delusion just b/c she hasn’t come to terms with the primaries.

    And why does CNN care? Why give this person time in the SitRoom? Does her defection really matter enough to warrant a sit down with Wolf?

    Awww. look at Wolf, he’s smitten.

    btw, husband’s name is Evelyn. Might be preposterously rich, but you can’t ever live that down.

  • diane b.

    In my dictionary next to the word ‘elite’ is a picture of Baroness Rothchild.

  • Jennifer

    Breaking: Old, Rich, White Lady supports Obama! Barbra Streisand headlined a $28,500 a plate reception dinner with a $2,500 per person concert afterwards! Who says all the fat cats are republican?

  • @3: Dude. Lady Rothschild has a lamp worth 28k.

    Last I checked Barbara wasn’t calling John and Cindy “elites” – though she could! LOL

    I love irony thick enough to slice!

  • I just added the other interview from CNN last night- the one with Campbell Brown. It’s much better.

    Watch Rothschild squirm under that thick layer of smug.

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