The puddles of water in front of my refrigerator indicate we’ve hit the 48 hour mark. Three days without power at my house in Clintonville now and still no sign of any power company vehicles.

According to AEP’s latest estimates, power to Columbus won’t be restored completely until Sunday evening. Seven days after the storm.

I really hope PUCO takes this into account when they decide whether to approve the 45% rate increase AEP is trying to impose on customers in Ohio.

I’d like to see them tie a service level agreement to the rate hike that would require AEP to have 99% up time with penalties for not meeting that service level. After 24 hours customers should be reimbursed for food. After 48 hours they should start paying for hotel rooms and travel.

I’m no expert on electrical power but it seems like a few downed trees shouldn’t shut down power to two million people. (then again, I wouldn’t have thought a problem with a power facility in Eastlake, OH could shut down service to all of NYC either.)

Speaking of downed trees, here are some more images from my neighborhood…