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Racist Obama Waffles Redux (Video)

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Following up on Joe’s great post about the racist Obama Waffles, I found this great video lampooning the deal:

(ht C&L)

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On Friday The Ohio Republican Party sued Jennifer Brunner, the Democratic Secretary of State, to stop some early voting in Ohio.

This afternoon I got an email from the McCain campaign asking me to… you guessed it: vote early.

Now more than ever, your vote is critical. And there’s no better way to vote than by voting early, or with an absentee ballot. Voting early, or with an absentee ballot, is the best way to avoid the long line on Election Day and get your vote counted. Many states allow you to vote early by requesting an absentee ballot […]

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Law Firm Employee Harassing Blogger?

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Someone from Forman Hanratty & Montgomery in Ocala, Florida just called me harassing me about a post that isn’t even mine. I actually thought it might be my uncle Jay so I had some fun with him. Be fun to find out who it is and if their bosses knew of the activity.

Forman Hanratty & Montgomery
723 E Fort King St
Ocala, FL 34471

The main number at the law firm is 352-732-3915. The number that called me was 352-732-6215.

Person was upset about Joe’s post here. I wonder if this person is affiliated […]

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Ohio Terrorized by 70 MPH Winds

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So my power is still out. It seems to be the same way across most of Ohio. I heard parts of Lake County were getting their power back (as of 6am) but Franklin County is still screwed. According to AEP, there are now over 300,000 customers without power in Franklin County.

So far McCain and Obama haven’t issued any statements on this act of wind terrorism. But I’m sure the McCain people are working on the press release now.

Maybe they’ll push to add The Wind to the axis of evil. Maybe call for a War on Weather. Or possibly […]

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Honor: More than a Concept

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John McCain’s wields his military service and POW status as an impenetrable shield and super tonic used to counter any criticism of him whatsoever. Use of “John was a POW” has been openly mocked for it’s overuse and for good reason. You can’t answer every criticism with this any more than the right would let Obama get away with using “Barack is black” (which he doesn’t).

The trick sack the McCain camp finds themselves in now is that they’ve both used and tarnished his military record by running what can only be described as a despicably vile and dishonorable […]

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Great to see the Obama campaign jump on the theme many of us bloggers have been on for a while now: that John McCain is running a dishonorable campaign.

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George W. Bush in 2007:

The fundamentals of our economy are strong

McCain, now:

the fundamentals of our economy are strong

Hmm. Identical. I guess McCain does agree with Bush more than 90% of the time. However, he continues…

I promise you we will never put America in this position again. We will clean up Wall Street. We will reform government.

Snort. Right. That this guy has any remaining credibility at all is completely astounding.

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