After today’s huge wind storms, 251,583 Franklin County, OH residents are currently without power. I’m one of them.

That’s 50% of the residents in my county served by AEP.

I just went out to see if I could find some ice and, surprisingly, found a lot of stuff open. But it’s pretty random. Most of Clintonville is out. Most of campus too. But I did find an open gas station so I filled up the car and stocked up on ice.

Oh- and the Target at Graceland was open earlier tonight even though most everything else on High Street was without power, including the traffic lights. Target had a cool LED lantern that’s super bright and lasts almost 70 hours on 6 D batteries. It kind of makes the power outage seem more like a camping trip.

So who else lost their power? It looks like the whole state has outages.

The house behind mine almost got crushed by a fallen tree. So did the house at the end of my street. Maybe I’ll send pictures to CNN tomorrow. I always wanted to be an I-Reporter.

Speaking of tomorrow, if the power is still out then I’m definitely finding a hotel.

So I’m going to try to save my precious battery power (down to 25%) and turn off my computer now. I’ll get back to posting as soon as AEP gets their crews back from Texas to fix my power.


The storm ended hours ago but the outage numbers keep growing. Current AEP numbers show 485,323 Ohio customers without power.

  • Paul

    Us as well. We’re in Powell, 6 houses south of the Franklin County line.

    Our whole area is out of power but if you go 3 miles west to Sawmill they do have power, at least at Sawmill and I-270.

    Luckily work has power over in Dublin.

  • Thanks for the news, and the AEP link. Much like the first poster, I’m online at work in Dublin. Home in Hilliard (and most of the city, from what I could see) is still off.

  • It’s all patchwork. Everybody else around me is without power, except my complex. My work is without power (except for limited circuits on the generator).

    Good thing it’s not January 15th.

  • Power up in Delaware was a big off/on proposition from last night until this morning. Power went out then came back on at least a half dozen times. Seems to be stabilizing now though.

    Shingles flying off everywhere yesterday and trees snapping like mad. Closest thing to a tornado you’ll see without a twister.

    The sound of a big tree snapping is really quite something.

  • Paul

    Power just arrived 15 minutes ago and as an added bonus, phone/cable/Internet was available as well.

    27 hours was long enough. I wouldn’t survive long as an Amish person. I like my comforts and my high-speed Internets!

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