Haven’t had any time tonight to do detailed research, but I figured I’d post some basic info about W. Mark Whitlock – one of the two guys responsible for the racist obama waffles. I’ll try to get more info up tomorrow.

So… W. Mark currently lives in Franklin, TN. According to Wikipedia it was “the center of the plantation economy” during the Civil War. Why doesn’t that surprise me?

You can check out his twitter feed or friend him on Facebook if you’re interested in his daily life. Might be interesting to see how it changes once the world finds out he’s a racist asshat.

Here’s his resume… Turns out he worked for Focus on the Family for almost a decade. Until he left to write Christian marriage help books that supposedly help you “uncover God’s desire for marriage by illuminating His design for your relationship and your bedroom” as well as a book-on-tape called passport-to-purity that helps you teach your teenagers that Jesus doesn’t want them to have sex. (good luck with that.)

Creeped out yet?

Yeah. Me too.

  • Dennis

    I love it! Where can I buy some of these?
    waah waah waah….It’s so funny how you people can dish it out but you can’t take it.

  • What exactly is it that we “can’t take”? Racism?

  • Dennis

    No. Political satire. Of course, any satire directed at Obama by a Caucasian male is automatically branded as racist. That’s a given. And the truth. And you know it is.

  • Why don’t you make fun of the guy for being a total nerd? For being bad at bowling? For being too liberal? For supporting gun control? For wanting to kill unborn babies? For seeming smug and aloof?

    There are tons of things you can use that aren’t racist.

    Hell- the waffle mix idea is actually kind of funny. Why not try covering it with a list of issues on which Barack Obama actually waffled instead of covering it with racist images?

    Racism isn’t satire, Dennis. It’s just racism.

  • Dennis

    This wasn’t racist. It is political satire.
    I’m just curious, have you ever seen or heard of something called The Daily Show with Jon Stewart? Watch it sometime. You might lighten up a little bit.
    Unless, of course, Stewart says something you don’t like about Barack Hussein Obama. Then he’ll be a racist, too.

  • When I saw the box of Obama waffle, I knew these guys are just racist at heart, This isthe projection that they wanted to appeal to people who think just like them for economic gain.Well, Mr. Obama is going to be the next president, and this reverting back to a history in this country that is not positive will not stop African Americans this is a world economy with 1+ billion Chinise. People who don’t look white, so if your setting your children up for failure and others also. Just don’t go into buisness next with insulting others in the world they may hunt you down.

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