From the daily archives: Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wind Storm Kicks Ohio’s Ass

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After today’s huge wind storms, 251,583 Franklin County, OH residents are currently without power. I’m one of them.

That’s 50% of the residents in my county served by AEP.

I just went out to see if I could find some ice and, surprisingly, found a lot of stuff open. But it’s pretty random. Most of Clintonville is out. Most of campus too. But I did find an open gas station so I filled up the car and stocked up on ice.

Oh- and the Target at Graceland was open earlier tonight even though most everything else on […]

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Yep. There really are people out there like this…

“I just don’t know if I can see a black man making change. The only black man I ever seen with change had a cup in his hand” – Random, Racist, Redneck Baseball Fan

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Great SNL skit last night…

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Fey really nailed Palin’s speech affectations! Very funny stuff.

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Haven’t had any time tonight to do detailed research, but I figured I’d post some basic info about W. Mark Whitlock – one of the two guys responsible for the racist obama waffles. I’ll try to get more info up tomorrow.

So… W. Mark currently lives in Franklin, TN. According to Wikipedia it was “the center of the plantation economy” during the Civil War. Why doesn’t that surprise me?

You can check out his twitter feed or friend him on Facebook if you’re interested in his daily life. Might be interesting to see how it changes once […]

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