Obama’s new ad attacks McCain for being out-of-touch in part because he doesn’t know how to use a computer.

Ben left a comment on that post that I found pretty amusing: “mccain cant use a keyboard due to his injuries.” At first I chuckled and then I started thinking: hmm… is there anything that POW excuse can’t be used for?

I’m fully expected a new ad from McCain to come on Monday that goes something like this:


John McCain spent 6 years as a POW
After years of torture at the hands of America’s enemies
John McCain was left unable to use a computer keyboard
But instead of honoring John McCain’s service to our country
Barack Obama claims John McCain’s war injuries make him ‘out of touch’
Why does Barack Obama hate crippled American war heroes?

  • dirtgirl

    Yeah, except that McCain told the NY Times that he uses a blackberry. That’s a lot harder on the old war fingers than a keyboard.

    link: http://mediamatters.org/countyfair/200809130004

    don’t believe the spin

  • Poch Suzara

    Let’s face it. We Americans hate to win wars. Perpetual wars here and there and everywhere keep our economy going. The world bereft of hate and violence and wars will destroy America. That’s how our United States of America was born to begin with. It’s time for a change. time to retool our industrial capacity. From disgrace into grace even for the whole of the human race.This business of loving a God up there by hating one another down here has got to stop. Poch Suzara

  • J-Dog

    Yeah, Poch…the economy sure did grind to a halt during the Clinton peacetime didn’t it? It’s great how the economy is doing so well now that we are fighting in two wars. I get your point entirely.

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