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Racist Obama Waffles

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It turns out that Focus on the Family Action, in addition to being a bunch of religious nutjobs who ask God to hurt and humiliate their political opponents, are also a bunch of racist fucks.

An approved vendor at their Values Voter Summit was selling boxes of Obama Waffles that depict Barack using a “racial stereotype on its front and wearing Arab-like headdress on its top flap.”

The organizers cut off sales after people complained, but the product is still available at

The domain registration is private so we can’t get any info […]

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Obama’s new ad attacks McCain for being out-of-touch in part because he doesn’t know how to use a computer.

Ben left a comment on that post that I found pretty amusing: “mccain cant use a keyboard due to his injuries.” At first I chuckled and then I started thinking: hmm… is there anything that POW excuse can’t be used for?

I’m fully expected a new ad from McCain to come on Monday that goes something like this:


John McCain spent 6 years as a POW
After years of torture at the hands of America’s enemies
John […]

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