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  • Now back to more meaningless “community organizing”.

  • I cannot watch. I just can’t. You know – if they just told us the truth about themselves and let us decide, it would be so much better. But no – we have to make a whole industry out of it.

    I think there should be white papers on each candidate and they should be done by a group like Factcheck and that every voter gets it and that’s THAT unless they are ALL willing to face the exact same questions and other questions tailored specifically to the job duties and the qualifications necessary – which we need to agree on.

  • Len

    “…a mavwick…”

    Even though I absolutely despise The View, you just gotta love Baba Wawa. And a big shout-out to Whoopi for asking the church/state question, even though MczCain very predictably dodged it.

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