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  • Matt N.

    Milton Friedman’s work on this subject has been proven right, and a volunteer army is the way to go. Unskilled and unwilling troops during the Vietnam war made mistakes that today’s highly trained forces wouldn’t.

    If there is a draft, things are so bad that a draft is probably not the biggest thing we have to worry about at the time.

    Lefties were screaming about the draft back during the 2004 campaign too. It was introduced by Charles Rangle, which showed the Democrats just using the draft issue as a way to raise a fuss about their opposition to the war on terror.

  • I agree with every point you just made about the draft, Matt.

    A volunteer army is the way to go. Though I don’t necessarily have a problem with compulsory national service in some form.

    Rangle’s point with the draft was, of course, that in theory it’s a more equal way of choosing who is going to go die for our country. Right now the numbers are skewed way toward the poor – who end up enlisting because they have no other options in life.

    I don’t necessarily agree with Rangle on this issue- but I get his point.

    Regarding Vietnam, the draft is one of the main reasons the country ended up so divided over that war and why you don’t see nearly the outrage over this one.

    And let’s be clear: few people are against the war on terror. Most Americans, like most of the world, supported our efforts to go into Afghanistan after the people who attacked us.

    The Iraq war is a whole different animal. That war has absolutely nothing to do with the war on terror- except possibly making more terrorists for us to fight and distracting us from actually capturing or killing the people responsible for the attacks on 9/11.

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