I post this not because it’s Matt Damon, celebrity. I post it because it’s amusing (in a “I can’t believe this is happening” kinda way), and because it echos my sentiments pretty much exactly.

  • Marilynn

    Here’s another Hollywood egomaniac who needs to shut up and act. As if anyone with half a life gives a flip.

    Damon has a right to his opinion, but I also have the right not to see them while trying to read actual “news”. Let his friends hear his rants and leave the public alone.

    BTW: Hey, Brian. Your liberal education is lacking. Check your spelling. It’s “echoes” with 2 Es.

  • You came here to “read actual news”? LOL. First problem.

    Clear sign you’ve already lost an argument on teh Internets: slamming someone’s misspelling.

    They don’t teach that in Sugar Land Marilynn?

  • Yes Marilynn, I made a typo. But you made a bigger faux pas:

    Your “side” elected a Hollywood egomaniac to the office of President.

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