John McCain has his surrogates (“Former Acting Governor Jane Swift”, Heather WIlson and Marsha Blackburn) on MSNBC claiming Barack Obama is sexist.

Yes, the same John McCain who …
* called his own wife a cunt,
* told rape jokes,
* suggested his wife enter a topless beauty contest,
* voted against reproductive rights for women,
* voted against equal pay for women,
* refuses to answer questions about birth control,
* cheated on his wife
* left his first wife for a younger, richer woman

Get off your ass, Hillary. We could use some help here.

Hillary is scheduled for two appearances in Ohio (Lorain and Akron) this weekend (SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14)

  • Somehow I don’t think Hillary is all that motivated.

    Isn’t the VP supposed to deliver attacks and provide cover? How’s that working out for ya?

  • No worries. Palin will take care of it for us once she has to actually answer real questions.

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