Tomorrow is the 7th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It’s also the day Sarah Palin’s eldest son Track leaves for the Middle East.

And, as you’d expect, Sarah Palin has some big plans.

No, she won’t be quietly memorializing the nearly 3000 people who died in the attacks that day (or the 4155 US soldiers who have died in the war that followed).

And no, she won’t be taking the day off from politics to spend with her family, quiety (or not so quietly) praying that her son doesn’t end up injured or dead in Iraq like so many other mothers’ sons.

No, instead Sarah Palin will spend the day with TV anchor Charles Gibson and an ABC film crew.

Yes, my friends, Sarah Palin will spend tomorrow attempting to profit politically from America’s lingering trauma over the attacks of 9/11 while simultaneously exploiting one of her children for political gain.

It isn’t that she doesn’t mourn for the victims of 9/11. And it isn’t that she doesn’t love her son.

It’s just that she cares about her political career more.

And before anyone accuses me of being sexist by suggesting Ms. Palin should be at home with her kids, first think about how you’d answer this question:

If your first-born child was getting on a plane this afternoon and heading off to spend a year fighting in an active war zone in a foreign country, where would you be?

If today might possibly be the last time you ever saw your eldest child alive… would you bring in a film crew from ABC? Or would you spend a few quiet minutes alone with your family?

I’m not saying Sarah is a horrible woman or a horrible mother. I’m just saying she’s a horrible person.

  • Elaine

    ou people are so sick! Sarah Palin is just like Obama & Biden, if it were their child they would be right be their side to see them off. Yes, she will have an interview tonight but at least she is sticking to the issues and not trying to smear her apponants. I have never in all my years which have been over forty seen a Presidential Nominee go after a Vice President Nominee I thought it was the other way around! By the way not much has come out of Biden’s mouth, is he still in the running or is Obamam just pushing him asied and taking center stage alone?

  • Since being announced as the VP candidate Sarah Palin has done nothing but give the same speech 20 times.

    That speech does NOT deal with any issues- unless you count attacking Obama and lying about her experience issues.

    I’m looking forward to her actually getting some real questions from real interviewers. But I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to get that tonight.

    The McCain camp can not keep their VP nominee in a secret bunker and away from the press forever.

  • J-Dog

    McCain called his OWN wife a c*nt, but yet he’s the best thing since peach pie was invented because he has taken on the least qualified Vice Presidential candidate in history.

    Obama was partially right when he said, “They think you are stupid.” For all the Palin-drones, he should have said, “They KNOW you are stupid.”

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