• Matt N.

    Four points:

    1) Copernicus was devout christian.

    2) We can thank Christianity (namely, the Catholic church) for the scientific method and many other advancements in science.

    3) Evolution is not threatening to Christianity, and it is a shame that certain unthinking puritans believe otherwise.

    4) You’re doing a great job proving that atheism is a dogma, based in a number of assumptions and faith. It is a sad, miserable faith too, which is why Dawkins at the end of his book essentially has a lonely hearts club suggestions for atheists (Dawkins’ “brights”) who feel alone in a world they now find meaningless. (Keep rappin’, white boy!)

  • #1 & #2 – yes, he was a Catholic, and the Church did a great deal for science. That’s kind of the irony in the song; blaming the Copernican Revolution.

    #3 – Yes, we know.

    #4 – not this old (ridiculous) saw again.

    Did it at least make you bop your head?

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