Labeling the same old Bush-McCain policies as change? Still the same old policies.

Putting lipstick on a pig? Still a pig.

I think the analogy works and the Obama campaign should not be bullied into shying away from it.

Anyone else agree?

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  • Absolutely. Especially since McCain used the same expression last October to describe Hillary Clinton’s health care plan…

  • Absolutly stick with it and point out the series of lies the McCain camp has been telling. And yes actually calling them liars.

    In addition, Obama used a line the other day they should run with again and again and again. It was, “Do they think you are stupid?”

  • Obama is on CNN right now talking about it…great stuff!

  • dirtgirl

    Come to think of it “lipstick on a pig” is a pretty good description for the McCain campaign post-Palin.

  • John

    Well, it may or may not be a good analogy, but it is definitely a poor choice of words from a man renowned globally for his rhetorical skills.

    Clearly, the mass of listeners would associate the term with Palin, and these words would offend many people.

    The “McCain said it first” defense seems adolescent. People admire Obama because he is a good guy, and lifts the level of discussion up. He only looks awkward and political when he takes the low road. A better choice of words would suit him better, and the McCain campaign will milk this “lipstick on a pig” statement all day long.

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