Additional recent Palin stories I haven’t had time to write about…

Sarah Palin continues to claim she cut unnecessary state government spending as Governor of Alaska but it turns out she ripped off Alaska’s taxpayers by billing the state a travel-related per-diem for 312 nights she actually spent at home.

Also, Sarah Palin continues to lie about her stance on the “bridge to nowhere” – which she originally supported and campaigned for – until the scandal broke and congress removed the earmark.

Hardball did a great little short showing all of the times she’s repeated this lie since the convention…

  • It’s a reassuring sign to see Republicans taking a stand against the lies. I found this incredible site about Sarah Palin. Websites like this are perfect because it gets to the point. The message is also more persuasive when it’s someone critical of their own party.

  • metalclarinet

    “…per-diem for 312 nights she actually spent at home.” Apparently this didn’t skirt any rules in Alaska. It simply is considered part of an altogether skimpy compensation package.

  • Doesn’t integrity count anymore in our country? Are we willing to vote for an old man, and a lying woman for President?????Why hasn’t she been exposed? How Obama was grilled by the press, and also Hillary was almost abusive. And no questions for a woman who could become the leader of the Free World. Our country has sunk to a new low, if that is possible. If McCain is elected, nothing will change. I wonder if Palin will hunt in DC????Maybe for Poler Bears.

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