So the McCain/Palin camp announced that Sarah Palin will FINALLY sit for an interview on Thursday.

I would like to suggest a few choice questions she should be asked…

Ms. Palin…

Modern screening processes for genetic disorders like down sydrome are safe and effective and available to most women who are at risk.

Because abortion is currently legal and safe, 90% of pregnant women who receive a down syndrome diagnosis choose to have an abortion.

This has led to a large drop in the number of children born with down syndrome are each year- down to around 5,500.

Once you outlaw abortion this number will grow ten fold.

Are you planning to increase federal funding by at least 1000% to help families and institutions deal with the large increase in the number of mentally disabled individuals who will, in many cases, require support for their entire life?

If so, will you increase taxes to cover the cost?

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  • Dana

    If I may, I think that approach is a little off. I’d focus more on what HER son is costing HER state, right now. If she doesn’t know – either what effect she’s having on her own taxpayers, OR what the expense to an uninsured family would be – that’s even MORE outrageous than McCain not knowing how many houses he owns, because it’s something that affects nearly every American.

  • That’s a great point, Dana.

    So far they are presenting the Palins as a typical American family with typical problems – and this has kind of distracted us from McCain and how out of touch he is.

    How much is Trig’s medical care costing you? Could you afford this without insurance? Good questions!

    You could apply the same line of questioning to the situation with her pregnant daughter.

    How will Bristol and Levi support their child? Will Bristol and her new child be listed as dependents on your taxpayer-funded, government-supplied health insurance plan along with your out-of-work husband?

  • Wow, I think this posting reads better in the original German.

  • So you think protecting a woman’s reproductive rights is somehow more naziesque than forcing your outdated religious beliefs on her, Mark?

    Some day soon the Republican party is going to self destruct unless they can figure out how to rationalize and resolve the inherent conflict between small-government, free-market policies and the hard-right, social conservatives who want to ban and restrict and basically turn the federal government into an enforcer of their moral beliefs.

    You can’t ban stem cell research and say you believe in free markets.

    You can’t ban sex education and force women to have babies without greatly increasing funding to social programs to care for those extra children. At which point you cease to have any credibility as a small-government conservative.

  • Mark: LOL!

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