So the McCain/Palin camp announced that Sarah Palin will FINALLY sit for an interview on Thursday.

I would like to suggest a few choice questions she should be asked…

Ms. Palin…

Modern screening processes for genetic disorders like down sydrome are safe and effective and available to most women who are at risk.

Because abortion is currently legal and safe, 90% of pregnant women who receive a down syndrome diagnosis choose to have an abortion.

This has led to a large drop in the number of children born with down syndrome are each year- down to around 5,500.

Once you outlaw abortion this number will grow ten fold.

Are you planning to increase federal funding by at least 1000% to help families and institutions deal with the large increase in the number of mentally disabled individuals who will, in many cases, require support for their entire life?

If so, will you increase taxes to cover the cost?

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