CSPAN is replaying the 2006 Alaska Gubernatorial Debate. It turns out Palin actually does really well. I hope everyone watches at least a part of this and the press starts raising their expectations for her in the upcoming VP debate.

The other thing I got from watching this video: people in Alaska DO NOT talk like they are from Fargo, donchaknow. Just Sarah Palin.

So where the hell did she get her accent?

Accentgate anyone?

UPDATE: about an hour in she says NEW-CUE-LER energy.

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  • Harry Knopp

    What impresses me most about this video is the civil manner in which they debated the issues. The country could use more of that from all sides.

  • Libby is the reporter that WCPN had on last week. She was pretty good I thought.

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  • Doesn’t play for me. Wonder where this video is hosted or has it been scrubbed for the Palin Cone of Silence/ repackaging machine.
    What is there to hide?

  • Len

    Re accent: sounds sort of Wisconsin-ish to me.

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