Did you know Sarah Palin has a 19 year old son named Track who is being deployed to Iraq on September 11th, 2008?

Of course you did- because it’s all she ever talks about.

And did you ever think: jeez, that’s weird. Why would she announce specific details of his deployment to the world? Does she think they don’t have TV and newspapers in the Middle East? Doesn’t she remember what happened with Prince Harry?

I could go off on a rant here about how she cares more about her political career than the safety and wellbeing of her own children and I think I could make a pretty good case. There are certainly other examples, like when she travelled to Texas to give a political speech while 8+ months pregnant with Trig and then got on a plane and flew 10 hours after her water broke.

I could go off on a rant like that but it doesn’t really help us push along the conversation about why she is unqualified to be president.

This does:

By leaking very specific details of her son’s deployment she has put not only her own son’s life in danger but also the lives of every other person with whom he is deployed. And with that she proves, without a doubt, that she is NOT ready to be commander-in-chief of the US Armed forces.

And let me be clear here: very specific information about Track Palin’s deployment was leaked.

From The Times:

Private First Class Palin will fly to Kuwait next Thursday for acclimatisation, and will be deployed a few weeks later to an area of Diyala province teeming with al-Qaeda insurgents.

It will not be an easy tour for the 19-year old, who is assigned to 1-1 Bravo Company, 52nd Infantry, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, based at Fort Wainwright, Alaska.

It doesn’t get much more specific than that- unless maybe she wants to send along a picture. Oh wait- that’s already out there too.

The LAST THING WE NEED is another VP who is willing to leak national security information for political gain (think Cheney/Plame). Despite all of their work to steal the change message from Obama, the McCain campaign proves daily why they really are more of the same.

p.s. Check out the letter VoteVets is sending to the Defense Department and Pentagon related to the leak. They seem to think it was Palin or someone on her campaign that leaked the details and I’m going to stick with that theory until we find out something different.

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