Remember the great primary battle of 2006 where Petro and Blackwell beat the shit out of each other trying to win the chance to run again Strickland?

Oh MAN I hope we can get another one of those! And it looks like we might be on our way

Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett Thursday introduced Rob Portman as “also a candidate for governor in 2010.”

The former congressman, however, later insisted he has not made up his mind
on whether he will take on Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland. He’ll probably make that decision sometime before the end of the year.

He may have been the second GOP gubernatorial candidate outed at the convention. On Wedenesday, conservative talk show host Sean Hannity referred to former Columbus area congressman John Kasich as the “next governor of the state of Ohio.”

Mr. Kasich, however, insisted he hasn’t made a decision.