So I was watching MSNBC today with the sound off (as usual) and this comes on the screen…

Hmm… what was THAT all about?

I know Sarah lived in Hawaii for about 4 days until she dropped out of college (the first time) and moved back home to Alaska.

Did she pick it up there? Is it merely a friendly surfing reference?


But it turns out this sign has a lot of different meanings depending on where you are from. Given Sarah Palin’s extensive foreign policy experience I’ll have to assume she already knows all of this- but I had to look it on Wikipedia. And what I found there was very, very interesting.

For example, in New Zealand this symbol is used by the gang Mongrel Mob and often refers to smoking Methamphetamine through a glass pipe.

Actually it turns out the sign Ms. Palin is flashing in the above video very often refers to the use of drugs or alcohol. In Portugal and Spain it refers to drinking alcohol and in Australia it refers to smoking a marijuana pipe.

Could this have been what she meant?

Or maybe she was using it the way they do in India and Venezuela where “the sign is used colloquially as a reference to sexual intercourse, and the hand may be moved in the direction of the pinky finger, as to mimic penetration.”

Well- that certainly seems possible. Maybe even likely.

Or maybe… just maybe… it was a terrorist shaka shake – a secret sign to inform her handlers (al qaeda? Iran? ) that she is preparing to infiltrate the executive branch of the US government.

Ok. So maybe none of this is true. But just imagine what they’d be saying if it was Barack?