Big surprise, right? Republicans flat-out lie. Here’s the rundown:

  • Palin lied about the “thanks but no thanks” portrayal of the Bridge to Nowhere.
  • Palin lied about Obama’s legislative accomplishments (claiming he had none).
  • Palin lied about Obama’s tax plan, which will reduce the tax burden on most families far more than McCain’s.
  • McCain lied about Palin being “in charge” of 20% of our nation’s energy supply. He also was deceptive in calling Alaska our “largest state”. It is in square miles. It’s 47th largest in population.
  • McCain lied when he said that “national security” is one of Palin’s “primary responsibilities”. When National Guard units are on federal duty, they are not under the command of governors.
  • Mitt Romney lied when he said that Washington is “liberal”. Dude – Democrats have had a slim control of congress for less time then Palin has been governor of Alaska… under a Republican President. Before that, it was 6 years of Bush + GOP Congress. C’mon.

The GOP won’t let the truth get in the way of their narrative. Which is incredibly condescending to the American public.