I was going to put this together myself but Justin at Drinking Liberally did such a good job I’ll just repost his rules…

McCain on the Rocks:
The Official Drinking Liberally
McCain Convention Speech Drinking Game

Take a Sip when
He Says:
– faith
– service
– experience
– Barack Obama
– global war on terror
or when:
– he makes reference to being a POW
– he compares himself to Ronald Reagan
– he calls Iraq a success
– he praises Sarah Palin by name

Take a Gulp when:
He Says:
– my friends
– George Bush
– maverick
– Joe Lieberman
– Vietnam
or when:
– he references his relationship to God
– he talks about Sarah Palin’s lovely family
– he compares himself to Teddy Roosevelt
– he claims not to like talking about being a POW

Take a Big Gulp when:
He Says:
– torture
– climate change
– straight-talk
– Cheney
– Iran
or when:
– he praises his own bi-partisan ways
– he questions a Democrat’s patriotism
– he gets real explicit about his POW experience
– he compares himself to General Patton

Chug when:
– he explicitly praises George W. Bush
– he makes allusions to Obama’s race

Celebratory Toast if:
– he forgets a line, pauses more than 3 seconds
– he forgets a line, curses at the audience
– he compares himself to Richard Nixon
– he tries an endearing joke about his age

Finish Your Drink if:
– He replaces Palin with a younger beauty queen
– He calls for Bush a lousy President
– He jokes about bombing Iran