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McCain Speech Drinking Game Rules

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I was going to put this together myself but Justin at Drinking Liberally did such a good job I’ll just repost his rules…

McCain on the Rocks:
The Official Drinking Liberally
McCain Convention Speech Drinking Game

Take a Sip when
He Says:
– faith
– service
– experience
– Barack Obama
– global war on terror
or when:
– he makes reference to being a POW
– he compares himself to Ronald Reagan
– he calls Iraq a success
– he praises Sarah Palin by name


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As usual, Jon Stewart gets to the bottom of things.

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While Mitt Romney – a wealthy eastern elite himself – was railing about “eastern elites” running Washington, Cindy McCain was nodding in approval while wearing an outfit valued at more than $300,000.

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Big surprise, right? Republicans flat-out lie. Here’s the rundown:

Palin lied about the “thanks but no thanks” portrayal of the Bridge to Nowhere. Palin lied about Obama’s legislative accomplishments (claiming he had none). Palin lied about Obama’s tax plan, which will reduce the tax burden on most families far more than McCain’s. McCain lied about Palin being “in charge” of 20% of our nation’s energy supply. He also was deceptive in calling Alaska our “largest state”. It is in square miles. It’s 47th largest in population. McCain lied when he said that “national security” is one of Palin’s “primary […]

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When Mike Huckabee gave his speech last night he said Sarah Palin got more votes for mayor of Wasilla than Joe Biden got in the presidential primaries. I was pretty sure it was a load of shit when I heard it, and it turns out I was right.

According to First Read Joe Biden got almost eighty thousand votes in the Dem primaries – over ten times the population of Wasilla, AK.

We’re past the point of misinterpreting facts here now, folks. We’ve moved on to just plain lying.

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