Hate is not a pleasant thing for anyone but, thankfully, it’s usually temporary.

Sure, I find myself hating this person or that person from time to time but the feeling usually passes quickly. There aren’t too many people in the world who I really, truly hate all the time. Except, of course, for Rick Santorum.

I’m not going to go into all of the reasons I hate him because it will just make me even more angry to have to think about it. I think it’s sufficient to say the guy is a homophobic, woman-hating asshat and leave it at that. And yes, I know it’s probably pretty childish of me to respond to his hatred with even more hatred- but fuck it. If anyone deserves it, it’s Rick Santorum.

So… up until this morning I was still under the impression that Rick Santorum (grrrr!) was bitter about the McCain nomination. The assumption being that John McCain doesn’t hate gays and women enough to satisfy Santorum’s insatiable appetite for all things homophobic and misogynistic.

I guess I made this assumption after hearing about Ricky spending an entire train ride calling Republican delegates in an attempt to turn them away from McCain. “McCain sucks”, said Santorum. “Even having Hillary or Obama would be better.”

Up until this morning, I still had a little respect left for John McCain. Just a little.

But that is now gone. All gone.

This morning I found out that Rick Santorum is “very excited” about John McCain.

And since we all know the only thing that excites Rick Santorum is his blind hatred of gays and women, we must now assume that McCain has officially sold out, snuffed the last spark of kindness in his soul and finally moved to the hate-filled, dark side of the Republican party.