Emily’s List has a new poll posted that consisted of 800 women voters. The news is devastating to the McCain/Palin surprise estrogenic ticket. Women aren’t buying what Sarah Palin is selling. That’s the short of it.

Full poll results (pdf)

First, they see the pick as overtly political and gimmicky:

First, this selection puts John McCain squarely in the realm of politics over principle in women voters’ eyes. Women voters see the choice of Governor Palin as being driven by politics rather than by any sense of conviction on Senator McCain’s part that she has the experience and qualities
to make a good vice president. Women voters’ view of McCain’s selection of Palin contrasts sharply to their view of Barack Obama’s selection of Joe Biden as his running mate.

Second, they aren’t buying the narrative:

Second, Sarah Palin’s background and personal narrative are not particularly appealing to women voters, and she matches up poorly against Joe Biden in terms of the potential to establish a compelling narrative.

Third, Palin hurts McCain in experience/ready to lead argument:

Third, Governor Palin’s inclusion on the ticket squanders John McCain’s previous advantage over Barack Obama with regard to experience and readiness to lead. When women voters learn that Palin’s total experience in elective office includes two years as governor of Alaska,
six years as mayor of a small suburban city, and four years on the city council, and that she has never served in Washington D.C. and has no foreign policy or national security experience, they express notable concern. In fact, a majority (52%) say that this information alone makes them less favorable to Palin

Fourth, picking the extreme right wing Palin alienates a large part of the female electorate:

Fourth, several of Governor Palin’s positions on issues, including her position on abortion, alienate large segments of the women’s electorate and add to the perception that the GOP ticket is out of step with women voters’ views and priorities.

Lastly, Obama/Biden is the clear leader in terms of tickets:

Finally, as these survey findings confirm, the Democratic presidential ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden continues to benefit from strong support of women voters. By an 11-percentage-point margin (52% to 41%), women voters support the Obama-Biden ticket over the
McCain-Palin ticket, which places this Democratic ticket well ahead of Kerry-Edwards’s performance among women voters in 2004 (+3 points Kerry/Edwards over Bush/Cheney).

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