Exhibit A: Matt Naugle Accuses someone else with violating Facebook Terms of Use. The same Matt Naugle who posted photos of an elected officials son’s Facebook page. Ahum. Most likely in violation of Facebook Terms of Use.

Exhibit B: Tom “Motherfucker” Blumer is upset at the “trashing” of Sarah Palin. It seems smears are only appropriate when he does it against Barack Obama on his blog. This is the guy who has as much stated on said blog that Barack Obama is a terrorist. But lay off Sarah Palin and her huge ass hoop earrings!



So Monday September 1, 2008 is hereby designated Ohio Wingnut Blogger Hypocrisy Day.

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  • every day is wingnut hypocrisy day.

    in the case of naugle, it’s every second of his pathetic life.

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