No morphing candidates into one. No changing course now and going with Pawlenty! This is Freudian Gold:

It was all going well tonight for Ohio State Rep. Jo-Ann Davidson, the co-chair of the Republican National Committee, as she was paying tribute to Republican women, with a nod to the last time the Republicans met in St. Paul.

“Ever since that convention, women have been an integral part of the party. And today, 116 years later, we are holding a convention that will nominate a Republican woman governor, Sarah Pawlenty our next vice president.”

This is a complete and total trainwreck we are watching. The beginning of the end of modern day conservatism.

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  • J-Dog

    Has anyone ever seen Jo-Ann Davidson and Barbara Bush at the same time? Separated at birth?

  • “…The beginning of the end of modern day conservatism.”

    No: the Republican Party has tripped and is probably going to break its nose when it hits the ground, but it will be back up before you know it. As long as there is sadism, there will be a Republican Party, even if some day it changes its name. Everything that anyone will ever need to know is still in the county map of the 2000 election. The county map of the 2008 election will not be significantly different from it. The country that it depicts is not governable.

  • Sarah Pawlenty? The wife of the governor of Minnesota?

    Well she too probably has more executive experience than Obama/Biden and she is cute.

  • Cognitive dissonance is fun, huh Mark?

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